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For several years the Northland JC Foundation has hosted armed forces and military appreciation event in the Kansas City area.  Usually they have consisted of a weekend full of activities and exhibits to celebrate the service of our armed forces members, veterans and their families.

In the spring of 2015 we will be doing something different. We will be taking the Expo portion of our event and partnering with the City of Grandview, Mo and the Truman Heritage Festival being held in Grandview, Missouri, on April 30 - May 2, 2015.  The entire festival has been moved from the downtown area to Meadowmere Park and the adjacent View Community Center, located at 13500 Byars Rd.

We will use the View’s Grove meeting space for a collectors show, to exhibit the Mo and KS Remember Our Fallen display,   and service and benefit provider booth space.  The community center parking lot will be used to display restored and contemporary military equipment and vehicles.

This appears to be the best of all worlds.  The festival will provide attractions like the carnival, the BBQ contest, a Chili Cook-off, craft booths and vendors and entertainment throughout the weekend.  We will have an excellent meeting space for our Armed Forces & Military Expo.

Tens of thousands of people visit this event annually.  We believe that this will be an excellent opportunity toCelebrate our armed forces and forward our theme: to honor, recognize and appreciate the service of our military members and their families.

We are inviting anyone who is a military artifact or memorabilia collector, a military vehicle restorer, or has a military service related support or service to join us for this special and unique opportunity.

For those who are interested we have been invited to be a part of the annual Truman Heritage Festival Parade on Saturday morning May 2nd.  The theme is Patriotism: Thank You for Your Service.  Expo event details applications and registration forms can be found on the web page:

Go to 2015 Armed Forces - Military Expo web page